We wish to thank Dr. Russell Veeder for the assistance that he rendered in planning this book, and to Georgia Gabbert Fisher for the fine job she did as publicity chairman.

Collecting data and family histories:

Area chairmen: Marie Makaruk, Kathy Sailer, Doris Muggli, Ray Thomas, Gene and Florence Pelton, Howard Weber, Gordon Vaagen, Mrs. Leonard Hoff, Gary Glass, Caroline Buckman Mr. and Mrs. Leo Krank, Viola Martin, Nick Olheiser.

Township Chairmen: 139-99 Mrs. Roger Newton; 140-98 Mrs. Clifford Walter; 140-99 Mrs. Ann Dolyniuk; 139-98 Mrs. Murt Kuylen; 139-97 Mrs. Larry Kostelecky; 140-97 Mrs. Robert Havelka; 140-96 Albert A. Ficek; 139-95 Evelyn Roller; 138-95 Mrs. John Stoltz; 140-95 Florence and Gene Pelton; 138-94 Dorothy Rolling; 139-94 Pauline Kirsch; 140-94 Gordon Muecke; 138-93 Mrs. Marlin Luff; 139-93 Mrs. Ray Marcusen; 140-93 Mrs. Lee Hutchinson; 141-93 Mrs. Frank Koffler; 137-92 Mrs. Phil Messer; 138-92 Jeanie Wagner; 139-92 Mrs. John Erdle, Jr.; 140-92 Mrs. Leo Renner; 141-92 Mrs. Herman Hoff; 137-91 Mrs. Edmund Schatz; 138-91 Mrs. Clarence Schneider; 139-91 Ruth and Raymond Heinle; 140-91 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Duckwitz; 141-91 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Duckwitz; 137-98 Mrs. Wayland Nichols; 137-99 Mrs. Frank Reisenauer; 138-99 Mrs. Marvel Molm; 138-96 Mrs. Leo Stoltz; 138-97 Mrs. Thomas K. Froehlich; 138-98 Mrs. George Schmidt; 139-96 Bertha and Leo Krank; 137-95 Roberta Biel; 137-94 Viola Martin; 137-93 Ruth Haas and Joe Link; 137-96 and 137-97 Nick Olheiser.

Town Chairmen: Belfield — Becky Kessel; South Heart — Kathy Sailer; Dickinson — Eva Mutschelknaus, Ann Corkery, Doris Muggli, Albert Lengowski; Gladstone — Lena Putschler; Taylor — Gordon Vaagen; Richardton — Mrs. Henry Hunke and Mrs. John Mischel; Lefor — John Schneider.

Typing, Filing, Mailing: Dorothy Nadolski, Ervin Nadolski, Theresa Essert Kathy Gruman and Trinity High School typing class, Mary June Gaffrey, Darlene Julson, Mrs Arthur Johnson, Howard Fred family, Cheryl Drury and Staff of Dickinson Public Library, Ruth Lillibridge, Mrs. Lauren Haacke, Ann Bertie, Marion Goetz, Mrs. Leo Schmerbauch, Dean Schmerbauch, Vernetta a Froehlich, Dananne Nichols, Mrs. Ted Maas, Mrs. Victor Binstock, Clarence and Robert Schneider, Laurie Simek, Mrs. Gordon Muecke, Mrs. Fred M. Dohrmann, Mrs. William Dohrmann, Charles Volesky, Clara Mesling, Harry Roberts , and John Hanstad.

Special Gifts: American State Bank, Dickinson; First National Bank, Dickinson; Liberty Bank, Dickinson; Farmer's Union Elevator, Gladstone; Bosch Lumber, Dickinson.

Display: Greene Drug, Dickinson, Badlands Art Assn., Dickinson.

Legal Advice: Ronald A. Reichert. Supplies: Jake's Office Supply.

Typewriter: Southwest Business Machines.

Galleys: Patricia Riddle, Helen Birdsall, Pat Schermann, Bernie Privatsky, Joyce Ableidinger, Helen Kono.

Art: Jack Stewart, Tami Lindborg — DHS Art Class.
A special thanks to the Dickinson Public Library for allowing us to use space for laying out the book.
We are grateful to our families for allowing us to spend so much time away from them while preparing the book.

We would like to thank Monsignor George P. Aberle for the material in the family histories which was taken from his books, From the Steppes to the Prairies, and Pioneers and Their Sons.

Note: We realize that errors may occur, and we hope that they are not serious. Any errors or omissions were not intentional, and we cannot be responsible for them — the editors on behalf of the Stark County Historical Society.